Kyiv-Mohyla Business School offers an overview of the most important events in its life in 2015

Kyiv-Mohyla Business School offers an overview of the most important events in its life in 2015

Honest treatment of people – transparent in the long run – always wins the momentary benefits over, say, manipulative management of people, as in negotiations, always wins the one who professes honesty in relation to his counterpart, «- says the director of Edinburgh Business School Eastern Europe. Orientation to Europe is present in other business schools. For those managers and owners who want to quickly reorient their companies to work with European markets or move their business outside of Ukraine, Vice President of the International Institute of Business Yuri Zelenin suggests paying attention to the International MBA program. This program provides practical knowledge and skills of doing business in international markets, understanding of the European business environment, features and culture of doing business in Europe and the world, and also issues Ukrainian and European diplomas. » But still the biggest challenge for Ukrainians in terms implementation of the European choice – in their heads. As Schopenhauer said, «We carry our hell and our paradise within us.» Our values, our prejudices, our weaknesses, our strengths – we carry all this in ourselves and translate them into the systems in which we work, «- said Natalia Krivda. To meet European standards at buy a comparison essay online now the macroeconomic level, the state is making active efforts to form new structure of the Ukrainian economy, energy independence, energy saving, heat saving. The macroeconomic response to European integration is formed at the state level, and Ukrainian intellectuals must take the most active part in it, using the experience gained in Europe. At the societal level, social movements born during the Revolution of Dignity must respond to the crisis and promote European integration.. And some of them are actively working to make public procurement transparent, dealing with environmental processes, new medicine, new education and other issues . «At the micro level – at the individual level – everyone makes a serious decision for themselves. Stop being indifferent, take responsibility for everythin g that happens in the country. Stop swearing, stealing, paying for yourself on public transport, stop breaking traffic rules, saving water and light – these are the «funny» but effective micro-steps that each of us can take at the household level to somehow change our life. This includes participation in public organizations, the formation of new relations within their organizations and the formation of new goals – all these are the answers that each of us can give to help the country and European integration, – Natalia Krivda is convinced. – If personal responsibility and social solidarity do not become the norm of our lives, there will be no changes. It is necessary to overcome the devastation in the minds, as advised by the immortal hero Bulgakov. «Pavel Petrichenko, Osvita.ua


Kyiv-Mohyla Business School offers an overview of the most important events in its life in 2015

kmbs in 2015: the most important events in the life of the school

The past year has been full of powerful projects, events and collaborations with original personalities for kmbs. Together with the participants of the programs, with the support of partners and in cooperation with government officials, artists and public figures, this year the school has made a significant step towards change and hopes that not only in itself and its organizations, but also in Ukraine.Transformation of the countryIn 2015, kmbs implemented team training projects and held strategic sessions for the National Bank of Ukraine, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Defense, the National Cancer Institute and several other government agencies , which will be discussed in 2016. year.The School of Mayors has started – the first city management program in Ukraine – three of the thirteen graduates of which became mayors in the fall and began to implement strategies for the development of their cities.Another important initiative for Ukraine was the kmbs project on regional development through the creation of business clusters. At the invitation of the school, Ifor Fawkes-Williams, the world’s # 1 world expert practitioner on cluster development, came to Ukraine this year. He passed on to kmbs the methodology for creating and developing clusters, and also provided his recommendations for initiating this process in Ukraine. This direction of kmbs will be actively developed next year in cooperation with the National Reform Council. Clusters are the element that can and should be key in building a new economy in Ukraine, so among the goals for 2016 – the creation of the first School of Cluster Manager and a national competition for the first 20 clusters in Ukraine.Business education and management development2015 was also a landmark year for the business school community – this year, a record number of MBA members joined the kmbs family. Representatives of large and medium-sized businesses, leaders of Ukrainian and international companies, Ukrainians and citizens of other countries – 160 powerful managers and owners – began their education at the school (this year there were 4 MBA-starts).More than a thousand managers have participated in management development programs, the number of which has increased to 55 this year. Among the new ones are the School of Global Markets, the School of Strategic Architect, Business Reputation Management, the School of Service, New Paradigms of Economic Thinking and others.The school is also growing geographically. In 2015, kmbs representative offices appeared in Odessa and Dnipropetrovsk, and in Western Ukraine, kmbs is developing a strategic partnership with Smart People. Thanks to this cooperation, almost 500 managers gained new knowledge and ideas for development, without leaving their hometowns.Life was in full swing at the school and thanks to the participants of the evening events – more than 3,000 managers discovered something new, talked to like-minded people and exchanged experiences at open events and master classes kmbs IDEA days, which in 2015 took place about 150.The interaction of the kmbs alumni community was also active. As part of the alumni tour, its participants explored the principles of Estonia’s successful transformation: about 10 meetings with more than 40 government officials, businessmen, philosophers and artists of this small country with a major breakthrough.Another major alumni event was the Second Annual Alumni to Alumni Conference, which brought together nearly 400 members of the kmbs community. Discussion of projects implemented by kmbs graduates in the format of «world cafe», old friends and new acquaintances, fresh ideas and integration, passion and reflection – such was the atmosphere of the second A2A conference.Development of the humanitarian environmentkmbs believes that humanitarian development shapes a society of individuals, free and creative, who can perceive the world on a full scale. That is why the school continued to actively support and invest in cultural initiatives and art projects.Educational program within the framework of the festival of contemporary art GOGOL FEST 2015, the Third Prize of Contemporary Essays. Yuri Shevelev, reconstruction of Kazimir Malevich’s Kiev lectures (which presented sensational and still unknown texts by Malevich, which will be published in a separate edition in 2016) – this is just a small list of kmbs art projects.With the support and initiative of kmbs, almost two dozen books have been published this year. Among them: the legendary work of Ayn Rand «Atlantis straightened his shoulders» in the Ukrainian language (publishing house «Our Format»), 14 books in the series «Library of Resistance. Library of Hope» (Dukh i Litera Publishing House), one of which is Oli Hnatyuk’s Courage and Fear, was named Book of the Year at the Lviv Publishers’ Forum, and the second belongs to Svetlana Aleksievich, a Nobel Prize winner, and many others.And a special publishing project of kmbs this year was «Kiev Athenaeum. Artistic Kyiv of the XVII-XVIII centuries» (Rodovid Publishing House) is timed to the 400th anniversary of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, which was celebrated in October 2015. The book is the result of many years of work of writer-historian Valery Shevchuk and art critic Yuri Ivanchenko.International cooperationDeveloping an international partnership, kmbs began to build partnerships with Stanford Graduate School of Business, Babson Colleage, MIT Sloan School of Management and other business schools. This year the school took an active part in international conferences, in particular EFMD, CEEMAN and Eduniversal World Convention. At the last one, Vladimir Pavelko, MBA Director of kmbs, presented to the international community the projects implemented by the business school for the transformation of Ukraine, and shared his experience in the development of MBA programs.MBA participants and graduates of international study tours have also traditionally explored the business and cultural contexts of the United States, the Netherlands, Sweden, China and Estonia. And foreign teachers working in the world’s best business schools came to teach MBA programs at kmbs.It is gratifying that the initiatives and achievements of kmbs were also evaluated by external experts: according to the international rating agency Eduniversal, the Executive MBA program occupies a leading position in Ukraine in the category «Executive MBA & MBA part time in Eastern Europe «, and in the ranking of business schools Eduniversal-2015 kmbs received 3 palms and confirmed its status» Excellent Business School «. In addition, kmbs was named the best business school of the year in Ukraine for the second time in the «Choice of the Year» rating.Ahead – 2016, new challenges, new projects and interesting interaction on the path of change!


EMBA kmbs took the leading position in Ukraine in the rating of the international agency Eduniversal

Executive MBA kmbs in the top 20 in Eastern Europe

The Executive MBA program of the Kyiv-Mohyla Business School took the leading position in Ukraine in the category «Executive MBA & MBA part time in Eastern Europe ”in the rating of the international rating agency Eduniversal.